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Title: The Role of Entrepreneurial Leaders towards Commercialization of University Research
Authors: Wirya Najm Rashid ; Kamariah Ismail
Aff: Faculty of Management, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310, Johor-Bahru, Malaysia.
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Keywords: Entrepreneurial Leadership; Commercialization; Academic Entrepreneurship; University Research; Malaysia
Abstract:Background: Teaching, learning and research has been identified as the traditional roles of universities and other institutions of higher learning. However, this traditional role has been challenged by the entry of universities into entrepreneurial activities mainly due to reduction of public funding and the rising competition among universities of higher learning in the academic and commercial space. University leaders have no choice but to become entrepreneurial in nature. Objectives: The main purpose of this study is to understand and provide a framework for entrepreneurial leadership and its role towards university research commercialization in a developing country context. Results: The study proposes a model of academic entrepreneurial leadership along with propositions that could further form the bases of an empirical investigation. Conclusions: Entrepreneurial leadership is found to be the ability to influence other people not only in an entrepreneurial business arena but also in the academic environment.vetic