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Title: Slot Assignment Using FSA and DSA Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: A.S. Syed Navaz; G.M. Kadhar Nawaz; A.S. Syed Fiaz
Aff: Department of Computer Science, Prist University, Thanjavur, India.
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Keywords: Nodes; DSA; FSA; Wireless Sensor Network; MAC
Abstract:This paper proposes a priority based slot assignment algorithm which is different from Demand based slot allocation algorithm (DSA) and Frame-slot pair assignment (FSA). Wireless sensor networks are used to monitor safety–critical work environments reliable communication, which indicates timely delivery and guaranteed delivery for the sensed data. In FSA the slot assignment is done by considering the factors such as data aggregation and filtering, in case of DSA the slot is allocated based on the demand of the nodes but the priority is used in both the algorithm. Priority based slot allocation is such a way the slot is allocated based on the priority values that are assigned to nodes. Slot assignment for the nodes is used for sending and receiving the data in an efficient manner based on the priority of the nodes. The priority is based on the data arrival at any node and the slot assignment needed for the nodes is done based on the nodes requirement. Each node is placed with two types of sensors, the priority is set based on the values arrived at each sensor. By calculating the priority values using the slot calculation technique node requirements are found out, the slots are allocated and divided for the purpose of sending, receiving and reserving for the next use.