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Title: Dynamic Botnet Defence Mechanism for Malware Threat Protection
Authors: M. Kempanna ; R. Jagadeesh Kannan
Aff: Department of Computer Science & Engg, Karpagam University, Coimbatore
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Keywords: Network Security; Dynamic Method; Malware Threat; Botnet Defense
Abstract:Botnet defense is the mechanism of confining the impact on the worm or threat against its further impact. It is established and proposed in various ways either by existing, secure way of protecting against the initial attack mode or by stopping it from further layers of attack . However this proposal will acquaint a dynamic method to analyze the initial survey and protection layer by clustering nodes with master and slave subject. This method gain the qualitative method to slow down the initial impact on signatures matching against the worm nature and it will completely stop the spreading nature using antispam shields against it. In this paper, the algorithm to detect any bot will be partially based on biased nature of intrusion detection systems. However Network (IDS) start spreading messages of the bot nature which also leads to False Alarm. This paper will also critically discuss about, how it's avoiding the old messages exchange of master and slaves