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Title: Biometrics Passport Authentication Using Facial Marks
Authors: Ziaul Haque Choudhury ; M. Munir Ahamed Rabbani
Aff: B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Department of Information Technology, Vandalur,Chennai, Tamilnadu, Box. 600048, India.
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Keywords: Face Recognition; Facial Marks; Soft Biometrics; Active Shape Model; Active Appearance Model; And Biometric Passport.
Abstract:A secure biometric passport in the field of personal identification for national security is proposed in this paper. This paper discusses about how to secure biometric passport by applying face recognition. Proper biometric features are unique for each individual and it is invariably in time, it is an unambiguous identifier of a person. But it may fail to authorize a person, if there are some changes in an applicant‘s appearance, such as a mustache, hair cut, and glasses, etc., the case of similar individuals like twins, siblings, similar faces or even doubles could head to individuality mismatch. Our proposed face recognition method is based on facial marks present in the face image to authenticate a person. We applied facial boundary detection purpose ASM (Active Shape Model) into AAM (Active Appearance Model) using PCA (Principle Component Analysis). Facial marks are detected by applying Canny edge detector and HOG (Histogram Oriented Gradients). Experimental results reveal that our proposed method gives 94 percentage face recognition accuracy, using Indian face database from IIT, Kanpur