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Title: Teaching Learning Based Optimization of ANN for Electrical Energy Forecasting
Authors: J. Kumaran Kumar ; G. Ravi
Aff: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India
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Keywords: Load Forecasting; Artificial Neural Networks; Teaching-Learning Based Optimization
Abstract:Long term load forecasting is an important study that predicts the future power consumption of a given region and plays significant role in power system planning and operation This paper presents a teaching-learning based optimization (TLO) for training of ANN models for forecasting the sector-wise electrical energy demand in India for the future years up to 2025. TLO mimics the behavior of the students in improving their performance through gaining the knowledge from the teacher and interacting with other students. The proposed model requires per capita GDP and population and offers the forecast of sector-wise electrical energy demand. The comparisons of the results with that of RM exhibit the effectiveness of the proposed model.