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Title: Usage of Palm Wastes Fiber in Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater
Authors: El Nadi; M.H. ; ALi; N ; Ismail; S. ; Abdelmomen; M.M
Aff: ASU, Cairo, Egypt.
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Keywords: Wastewater Treatment; Industrial Wastewater Treatment; Removal of Heavy Metals; Reuse of Solid Wastes (agricultural Waste)
Abstract:The problem of the environmental pollution is created by the continuous and accelerated disposal of wastes. One of the main contaminate is the industrial wastewater. Most of industrial wastewater contains high concentration of toxic heavy metals. In this study, the adsorption method using raw agricultural wastes (palm waste fiber) to remove heavy metals Zn+2 and Cr(VI) from industrial wastewater was made. The obtained removal ratios using palm waste fiber were 93.67%, 89.20% for Zn+2 and Cr(VI), respectively. The result showed that, the removal efficiency increased by increasing the adsorption contact time, and the flow rate were decreased. It also showed that, the removal efficiency for zinc better than Cr(VI) using palm waste fiber. The success of use the cheap adsorbent as adsorbent material from the agricultural waste in industrial wastewater treatment open the door for the existing factories to treat their wastewater with low cost that has no effect on their profits and prevent any punishment for environmental pollution.