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Title: Essence of Employability Skills for B School Students in India (With Special Reference to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, South India)
Authors: A.E. Charles ; Rajeswari Krishnan
Aff: Anna University, Nehru Institute Technology, MBA department, Kaliapuram, Coimbatore 641105.
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Keywords: Affective Skills; B School; Cognitive Skills; Corporate; Employability; Soft Skills; Professional Skills
Abstract:India is one of the largest growing economies. Skill shortage remains as one of the major impediments for the growth of the Indian economy. India is also the youngest country in the world. Employability of the graduates passing out of the colleges and the Management graduates is a cause of concern. Surveys and research by various bodies realize that only 10 to 20 percent of the management graduates are employable. Corporate from across the Industry have the same opinion on the management graduates and are unanimous in type of skills required for employment. Core employability skills, Soft skills, Cognitive skills, Affective skills and Professional skills are some of the major factors that are decisive in the employability of the Management Graduates. The questionnaire was framed mainly by examining the thesis from the previous studies and various journals. The study is descriptive in nature and data was collected by from the Corporate by personal interview, posting the questionnaire on LinkedIn, telephonic interview and postal survey. The data was then tabulated by using ANOVA, Z Test and weighted average method. The study reveals that the students have to improve their Soft Skills, Communication skills, cognitive skills and analytical skills.