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Title: Detecting Worm Attacks in Cloud Computing Environment: Proof of Concept
Authors: Hasan Mahmoud Kanaker; Madihah Binti Mohd Saudi; Mohd Fadzli Marhusin
Aff: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Bandar Baru Nilai, Malaysia
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Keywords: Cloud Computing; Worm Attacks; Detection; Reverse Engineering; Dynamic Analysis
Abstract:Cloud computing technology is a concept of providing dramatically scalable and virtualized resources, bandwidth, software and hardware on demand to users. Users can request cloud services via a web browser or web service. Cloud computing consists of valuable resources, such as, networks, servers, applications, storage and services with a shared network. By using cloud computing, users can save cost of hardware deployment, software licenses and system maintenance. Many security risks such as worm can interrupt cloud computing services; damage the spiteful service, application or virtual in the cloud structure. Nowadays the worm attacks are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent, makes it is harder to be detected than before. Based on the implications posed by this worm, this is the urge where this research comes in. This paper aims to build a new model to detect worm attacks in cloud computing environment based on worm signature extraction and features behavioral using dynamic analysis. Furthermore this paper presents a proof of concept on how the worm works and discusses the future challenges and the ongoing research to detect worm attacks in cloud computing efficiently.