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Title: The Current Organizational Image of Jordanian Ministries According to the Employees of the Ministries
Authors: Ali Yahya Bader Al Hadeed; Musa Bin Abu Hassan; Zulkiple Bin Abd Ghani
Aff: Universiti Sains Islam, Malaysia (USIM), Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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Keywords: Image; Reputation; Public Relations; Communication; Organizational Image; Reputation Management
Abstract:Modern public relations managers are interested in developing positive image and reputation to gain publics’ loyalty and cushion the organization against negative publications in the future. Image is an organizational asset that plays a critical role in enhancing publics’ loyalty and organizational success. Public perceptions of image may not always be positive, and thus, the burden of creating a specific mental image of the organization is placed on the organization itself. The primary purpose of this study was to identify the image of Jordanian ministries and to suggest ways in which PR departments can enhance the image of Jordanian government ministries. The study was conducted according to Organizational Image Configuration Method developed by Schuler (2004). The study used 383 employees of two government ministries. They completed a questionnaire that measured the importance of and satisfaction with 52 attributes categorized. After conducting exploratory factor analysis, the attributes loaded onto six factors which explained 68.39% variability in all the 52 original attributes together. The six factors include Systems and Quality, Human Resource Management, Management, Significance of Job and Appraisals, Strength of Communications, and Physical Work Environment. A graphical representation of the image was made showing attributes that loaded onto each factor together with their importance and satisfaction levels; as well as their proximity from the image’s central nucleus. For public relations officers, the basic strategy to improve the image of the ministries is to focus on those factors with more attributes close to the image central nucleus and the attributes that scored highly on importance but lowly on satisfaction.