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Title: An Efficient Fault Restoration Algorithm in Survivable Optical Networks
Authors: M. Arunachalam; V. Parthasarathy; S. Senthil Kumar; R. Arunkumar; D. Bommudurai
Aff: KLN College of Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering. Box: 3030.Sivagangai, India
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Keywords: WDM Networks; Dynamic Fault Restoration Algorithm; Optical Network
Abstract:Background: In optical WDM networks, fault tolerance is an important network management function which has a high impact on survivability of the network. These failures can result in the disruption of communication, and can be difficult to detect, localize and repair. Optical communication networks need a system that performs fault diagnosis from the information given by the network components. In order to protect against the failures, we propose to develop a dynamic fault restoration algorithm for fault tolerance. By the simulation results, we show that our proposed algorithm achieves minimum network blocking ratio with increased channel utilization and throughput.