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Title: Use of Agricultural Wastes as Bio Filter Media in Aerobic Sewage Treatment
Authors: El Nadi; Elazizy; Abdalla
Aff: Sanitary & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, ASU, Cairo, Egypt.
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Keywords: Wastewater Treatment; Biological Treatment; Biological Filtration; Biological Media; Applications of Agricultural Wastes
Abstract:The using of agriculture waste as a bio filter media to treat the domestic wastewater before its disposal is considered to be one of the ways to protect the environment. Rice husk and ficus trees trimming stalks were used in this study as a media in bio filter reactor where biological actions take place. A pilot consists from two units was applied with 60 cm depth of each type of agricultural wastes to be used. One of them worked as a standard rate bio filter reactor, and the other as a high rate bio filter reactor. A flow of 8 hours per day of domestic wastewater was sprayed at the top of each unit. The removal ratios of high rate bio filter reactor are higher than that of standard rate bio filter reactor for wastewater parameter (COD, BOD) with the using of both types of agricultural wastes. With the using of rice husk media, the average removal ratio of COD was 24.80% and 36.84%, of BOD was 24.42% and 36.69% for (S.R.) and (H.R.) respectively. On the other hand, with the using of ficus tree trimming stalks, The average removal ratio of COD was 27.24% and 69.48%, of BOD was 27.18% and 69.48% for (S.R.) and (H.R.) respectively. These values illustrated the possibility of applying the both types, rice husk and ficus trees trimming stalks as bio filter media, note that, the ficus tree trimming stalks is the best for applying.