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Title: Quantitative Analysis of the Velocity Profile of Hiv/Aids in the Human Blood Circulating System: Using Exact Oscillating total Phase Angle E
Authors: Enaibe A. Edison; Akpata Erhieyovwe ; Osafile E. Omosede
Aff: Department of Physics, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P. M. B. 1221, Effurun, Nigeria. Tel: 2348068060786
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Keywords: Latent Vibration; ‘host Wave,' ‘parasitic Wave'; CCW; HIV/AIDS; ‘third world approximation'
Abstract:Every material contains particles. When a wave travels through a material, the oscillating field in the wave will set some of these particles into forced vibration, and the vibrating particles will generate new waves of their own. If the participating particles are sufficiently close together, they will be driven coherently, with quite different results. In this case the scattered waves can be superposed with the direct wave, giving rise to a new disturbance which will be the wave in the material. We have in this present study applied the Fourier transform technique in determining the velocity profile of HIV/AIDS in the Human blood circulating system. We also established in this work the adequacy and effectiveness of the carrier wave equation CCW with exact oscillating total phase angle in explaining the coexistence of HIV/AIDS and Man. In this study, we used the known characteristics of the vibration of the HIV and those of Man obtained from a previous study to determine the velocity profile of HIV/AIDS in the Human system. It is also shown in this work, that the possible time taken for the HIV infection to degenerate to AIDS due to the distortion in the velocity process is about 84 months (7 years)