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Title: The Feature Extraction Using Surf and Corner Detection for Pill Identification
Authors: A.Hema ; E.Annasaro
Aff: Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Department of BCA, Coimbatore, India
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Keywords: Image Mining; Illicit Drugs; Image Registration; Feature extraction,SURF; Harris Corner Detection
Abstract:In recent years the illicit drugs are widely distributed in national and international markets. This medication error causes human mortality and stimulates criminal activities. So presently, identifying the legal and illegal pills are the key scenarios in todayís research to enforce the law and to protect humanís life. To assist the foresaid challenge, this work proposes novel methods by coupling the concept of image mining which is an integral part of data mining. The novel approach called Image Registration is encountered in this paper. Also, the de-noising activity is assisted to discard noisy features and to retrieve the valuable features. Moreover, three distinct methods like Surf, Haar wavelet and Harris corner are proposed to enhance the performance and to increase the stability. The Experimental result proves that the inclusion of these methods has improved the pills identification. Thus, this work supports the health care industry in saving human life.