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Title: Efficiency of Using Commercial and Natural Coagulants in Treating Car Wash Wastewater
Authors: Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed; Nadira Mariam A. Ibrahim Kutty andAmir Hashim Mohd Kassim
Aff: Department of Water and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), 86400 Parit Raja, Batu Pahat. Johor, MALAYSIA. Phone no: +6019-7549001
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Keywords: Car Wash Wastewater; Coagulation and Flocculation; Alum; Ferrous Sulphate; Moringa Oleifera; Strychnos Potatorum
Abstract:The present study was performed to evaluate the efficiency of commercial and natural coagulants in treating car wash wastewater. The sampling campaigns on car wash wastewater samples were collected at Car Wash U Turn, Taman Universiti during the weekdays and the weekends’ for 10 weeks. Two types of chemical coagulants; alum and ferrous sulphate (FeSO4), and natural coagulants; Moringa Oleifera and Strychnos Potatorum were compared and were evaluated for different amount of dosages, ranging 30mg/L-200mg/L. These coagulants were used to treat car wash effluent and were evaluated for pH, chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphorus, total suspended solid (TSS) and turbidity. The removal efficiency of both natural coagulants was more effective compared to low dosages chemical coagulants of 30-80mg/L. Moringa Oleifera showed 90% turbidity, 60% COD and75% phosphorus), whereas Strychnos Potatorum showed removal of 96% turbidity, 55% COD, 65% phosphorus. Data showed that the seed of Moringa Oleifera and Strychnos Potatorum contained coagulating substances capable of removing turbidity up to 99%. Meanwhile, for 150mg/L alum and FeSO4, the results were 87% and 77% turbidity, 74% and 71%COD, and 81% and 65% phosphorus, respectively. Application of natural coagulant is recommended because it is eco-friendly and low cost as compared to chemical coagulants.