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Title: The Role and Challenges of Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (MAIS) in Managing Issues Related to Newly Converted Muslims
Authors: Syahrul Faizaz Binti Abdullah ; Ssuna Salim
Aff: Pusat Pengajian Umum Kolej Sastera dan Sains Universiti Utara Malaysia.
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Keywords: Federal Contitution; Religious Affairs; Religious Institutions; Newly Converted Muslims; Effective Management; Aqidah Strengthening
Abstract:According to The Federal Constitution each state government is given the authority and responsibility of administering its religious affairs through its religious institutions. These institutions are in charge of taking care of Muslim affairs, among which, the affairs related to newly converted Muslims. This study critically analyses the role and challenges of Selangor Islamic Affairs Council in managing the issues related to converts in the state of Selangor. This is a qualitative study and it used a triangulation method in data collection which included: textual analysis of annual reports, pamphlets, news paper reports, periodical and circulations for the secondary data. The primary data was collected through semi-structured interviews and observations which were used to double check the secondary data. The data was qualitatively analyzed. The study found out that Selangor Islamic Affairs Council plays a crucial role in guiding and monitoring the new converts and in taking care of their well fare, and also in following up cases related to application to renounce religion. Selangor Islamic Affairs Council also strengthens the belief of the converts through Aqida Rehabilitation Center, Selangor Islamic Affairs Council is faced with the challenge of lack of sufficient skilled and experienced staf, finace , infrastrututre as well as the of converts who were not sincere in their conversion but had other vested personal interests.