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Title: The Role, Significance and Centrality of Teaching Methods in a Learning Process; An Islamic Perspective
Authors: Ssuna Salim ; Syahrul Faizaz Binti Abdullah
Aff: University Utara Malaysia, School of Social Sciences, Center for General Studies, Sintok 06010, Kedah Malaysia. Phone numbers: Office 604-9285610/HP 60196205210
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Keywords: Teaching Methods; Contemporary Muslim Educational System; Teaching-Learning Process; Skillful and Successful Teacher
Abstract:This study aims at critically analyzing the role, significance and centrality of teaching methods in the teaching -learning process. The educators consider the teaching methods as the basis on which the teaching profession is based and on which teacher’s success in teaching depends. The skilful and successful teacher in his method of teaching is the most successful teacher in his work as a teacher. On the basis of the method used, the teacher can be judged and evaluated. This study uses the descriptive analytical synthetic descriptive approach which is mainly interpretative in the form of textual commentary. The study traces the sources of methods of teaching in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and his implantation of these methodologies in his mission. The study assesses the development of these methodologies during the caliphate period and succeeding generations, putting more emphasis on Ibn Jamaah, al-Ghazali, Az-Zarnuji and ibn Khaldun’s views on teaching methodologies. The study noticed dissatisfactions aired out by scholars of different periods about the weaknesses of teaching methods in the modern Muslim educational system. The study recommends the return of the contemporary Muslim educational institutions to the basics of teaching methods in the Quran and Sunnah as implemented by the prophet and earlier generation of Muslim educationists in addition to modern teaching methods.