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Title: Islam and Western Contribution and Achievements in the Field of Mathematics: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ssuna Salim ; Syahrul Faizaz Binti Abdullah
Aff: University Utara Malaysia, School of Social Sciences, Center for General Studies, Sintok 06010, Kedah Malaysia. Phone numbers: Office 604-9285610/HP 60196205210
Author Email:
Keywords: Queen of Sciences; Western Scholarship; Influence on Modern Mathematics; Field of Mathematics; Modern Mathematical Contribution; Indian Civilization
Abstract:Mathematics is known as queen of sciences by the West today, this slogan does not signify that this field has occupied an elevated position in Western scholarship. Other culture and past civilization have had a vibrant contribution to this field, Islam being at the fore front. This study as a result seeks to assess Islamic contribution to this field in the past and its influence on modern mathematics; showing similarities and differences. The study uses a descriptive analytical synthetic approach in the form of textual commentary. The study realizes the great contribution of Islam in the field of mathematics, which actually influenced modern mathematics to a greater extent, which influence is still vividly reflected on modern mathematical contribution, even though, in most cases not revealed. The Quran and Sunnah were the main drives which acted as an eye opener to Muslim contribution to this field, besides their benefit from other civilization especially the Indian civilization. The study realized that Muslim contribution to this field today is almost non-existent; making people sideline its contribution. Muslim institutions of learning need to reveal and emphasize this contribution to the young generation in order to revive in them the love of mathematics such that they will be able to contribute positively like their predecessors did.