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Title: Task Scheduling for Online Real Time Services with Multiple Resources Using RM Algorithm for Cloud Computing
Authors: R. Santhosh ; T. Ravichandran
Aff: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Karpagam University Coimbatore, India.
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Keywords: Scheduling; Resource; Priority; Deadline; Waiting Time
Abstract:Cloud Computing provides various services through virtualized resources over the internet. In the view of the fact that the cost rendered for the services used by the consumers are very high. So the cloud consumers are in the position to exploit these services in a proficient manner. Task scheduling plays an imperative role to finish the task within deadline in accordance with effective utilization of resources. Earlier, two approaches have been proposed for scheduling of real time services. Non Pre-emptive real time scheduling using checkpointing algorithm concentrates on reducing the execution time of the migrated tasks. A priority constrained pre-emptive scheduling algorithm gives more importance for high priority tasks. Both the above approaches provide the services using solitary resource. Therefore only limited numbers of tasks are executed in certain duration of time interval. In this regard, task scheduling for online real time services with multiple resources using resource matching (RM) algorithm is proposed. This algorithm gives preference to higher priority tasks. By executing various tasks with multiple resources, the waiting time of the tasks in the queue is minimized. Our simulation shows better results than the existing models.