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Title: Traditional Values to Build Concept of Harmony Selling Price Determination
Authors: Whedy Prasetyo; Iwan Triyuwono; Ali Djamhuri; Imam Subekti
Aff: Jember University, Jl. Kalimatan No. 37 Tegalboto, Jember, East Java, Post Box 125 68121, Indonesia, Phone: (0331)-330334/339029
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Keywords: Javanese Traditional Value; Harmony Selling Price; Panca Eka Lumaksana
Abstract:This paper shows that traditional values to build the concept of harmony selling price determination is not only based on economic calculations but also non-economic by presence of three inner attainment; spiritual values, relativity and communication harmony. All three inner manifestations is manifestation of noble character with life outlook of Panca Eka lumaksana (five life outlook in one action) that contained in pricing mechanism in direct social interaction of staple sellers that become Kejawen believer and buyers in traditional markets.