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Title: The Using of Mooney Checklist Tool for Problems Faced by Students in Secondary School
Authors: Azizi Yahaya; DK Zainab Pg Tuah; Zeliha Mohammad Ali Gooh Mo Lee
Aff: Sultan Hassanan Bolkiah Institute of Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam,
Author Email:
Keywords: Academic Achievement Problems; Religion/Moral Problems; Career Problem
Abstract:Background: Demography factor were used as a measurement to determine the difference in problems encountered by the students. Objective: The aim of this study is to identify the main problem faced by the students, their academic achievement in PMR The study involved 186 respondents made up of students and the instrument used was a questionnaire of MPCL which the students responded to the lists of problems. The results were analysed using the SPSS 14.0 version. Descriptive analysis such as frequency, percent, mean and standard deviation and statistical analysis of t-test have been used to test the differences in the construct studied. The reliability of MPCL is a=0.895. Result: The problems faced by the students in secondary school in the Mersing district was at the average level (mean=3.20). The problem in academic areas and careers were the main problem encounter by the students (mean=3.28), also showed that there was no difference according to gender, race and school location except that there was a difference problems related to religion/ moral related to race (p=0.01