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Title: A Review on Progress of Different Types of Friction Stir Welding Tool Geometry Design
Authors: P. Madhan Kumar; V. Anbumalar ; K.R. Ramesh Babu
Aff: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai
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Keywords: Friction Stir Welding; Tool Design; Tool Geometry; Shoulder Design; Pin Design
Abstract:The friction stir welding (FSW) is a dynamically developing version of pressure welding processes. It is possible to create high quality welding by using FSW process. The performance of the FSW is mainly based on the tool design, process parameters and welding material. In this tool is most important part, which is used to create good quality of weldment. Basically tool design is needed because the goal is not the material removing but the material mixing and heating by frictional heat. The tool must be meet several important requirements. On the one hand in the course of mixing the material flow conditions specifically affect the quality of the weld, so the tool geometry is very important. Thus, At most care should be taken in design of tool. Therefore, this paper presents an overview of the FSW tool, tool material, tool geometry, design of tool pins and welding variables.