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Title: System Dynamics Model of Flood Mitigation for City Sustainability
Authors: Wahyu Sardjono ; Tri Pujadi
Aff: Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, Indonesia.
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Keywords: Flood; Migation; Sustainability; System Dynamics
Abstract:Water is the main element of life for mankind, but water can also be a powerful enemy if not well laid out, as experienced by many countries in the world and not only in Indonesia. In 1945 Article 33 paragraph (3) mentioned that the utilization of water resources should be devoted to for the greater prosperity of the people, control flooding in the capital should be a national priority supported by all agencies and flood knows no boundaries of man-made based on the administrative territory, economic, and social. Through a system dynamics simulation can be created or imitation behavior symptoms of flooding that can be used to understand the symptoms, making the analysis, and forecasting the behavior of symptoms or in the future so that the process of decision making can be easier because of the support model that can be simulated to meet the criteria of integrity utilization of environmentally sound and sustainable. The role of information technology systems and can be optimized to contribute in building an alternative model of flood control solutions through the implementation of the concept of decision support systems or decision support systems (DSS).