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Title: An Enhanced CEM Modelling Using Ontology in Pervasive Environments
Authors: S. Raja Ranganathan; M.marikkannan; S.karthik
Aff: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India
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Keywords: Pervasive Environment; Communication; Event; Event Awareness; Ontology
Abstract:Due to the increased growth in pervasive applications and wide spread in our day-today life activities there occurs a requirement for event awareness to safeguard users being distributed. For these situations, the behavior of the application depends on the sensed events in addition to internal state and communication between the users upon execution. The major roles are played by event and event awareness in pervasive for performing user choices on behalf of them. The paper proposes a model facilitating reusable event model based upon the ontology. It achieves event reasoning by giving structure for events, rules and their semantics. A multi-field platform usage model is created initially to obtain promising results