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Title: Ontology Based Software Storage Repository to Enhance Software Reuse
Authors: R. Jayasudha ; S. Subramanian
Aff: Department of Computer Applications Sri Krishna College Of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore, India.
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Keywords: Software Reuse; Semantic Web; Ontology; Software Engineering
Abstract:Software Reuse plays an important role in the world of software development. This leads to better development time and cost. Software Reuse is not used much because of unavailability of needed components, Unknown available component, Unstructured storage of relevant component, improper retrieval of components, unwillingness of developer etc. Unstructured Storage of Component is taken as a problem and an attempt is made to create a structured repository. This paper proposes a work of Semantic based Structured Repository by creating an Ontology based index for the final data in the hard disk. This index helps us to identify the needed record from the disk. Ontology based repository reduces the duplicate record retrieval, improves the precision and recall. The main goal of this proposed work is to develop a methodology that can simplify and automate the software reuse.