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Title: Characteristics of Mechanics of Box-Section Beam made of Sliced-Laminated Dendrocalamus Asper under Bending
Authors: Karyadi; Sri Murni Dewi; Agoes Soehardjono
Aff: State University, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department. 65146, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Phone: +628123321855
Author Email:
Keywords: Flexure; Four-Point Bending; Modulus of Elasticity; Shear; Urea Formaldehyde
Abstract:Background: A box-section beam more efficient than a solid cross section due to placing all materials along the periphery. Thus, the box-section beam will provide a greater moment of inertia than the solid cross-section for the same cross-sectional area. On the other hand, research on the box-section beam made of laminated bamboo is limited. For this reason, the study was conducted. Objective: The purpose of this study was to characterize the mechanical properties of the box-section beam made of slicedlaminated dendrocalamus asper (Asian bamboo) under bending. Results: The results showed that all the beams failure on shear mode with the maximum shear stress occurs in the range 2.86 MPa to 4.85 MPa with an average of 4.06 MPa. Bending stress at proportional limits was 28.60 MPa to 41.32 MPa with a mean 33.42 MPa. MOE of the beams occurs in the range 11,537 MPa to 15,739 MPa with a mean 13,522 MPa. Conclusion: Based on average of maximum shear stress and MOE, the box-section beams made of sliced-laminated Dendrocalamus asper had comparable to C35 or D40 strength class as structural timber regulation in Europe