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Title: Use of Monte Carlo Simulation for Financial Viability Analysis of Tomato Pomodoro Growing on Agricultural Greenhouse: A Study in the Brazilian Context
Authors: Adriana Barbosa De Oliveira; Daiana Cristina Lachowski; Diego Roberto Leal; Anderson Catapan; Luis Carlos Benner; Paulo Fernando Martins; Edilson Antonio Catapan
Aff: Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (UTPFR), Departamento de Gestão e Economia, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. Ph: +5541 99216026
Author Email:
Keywords: Agricultural Greenhouse; Tomato Pomodoro; Monte Carlo Simulation
Abstract:Objective: The aim of this article is to verify the financial viability for the production of tomato pomodoro cultivated in greenhouse with the use of Monte Carlo simulation. Methodology: For this, technical visits and interviews were conducted on a small farm producer of this variety of tomato in the city of Colombo, Paraná, Brazil, and the Monte Carlo simulation was used to calculate the viability. Results: With this simulation, it was found that p(MARR>IRR)=p(NPV<0) = 0.2676, i.e. there is73.24% chance of generating positive wealth in this project. Also, it was found that if implemented the project, it will be produced 8394 kg of tomatoes more than in the open field growing, resulting in a production increase of 29.38%. Conclusion: Based on this, it was found that there is financially viability for the production of tomato pomodoro in agricultural greenhouses.