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Title: The Effect of Corporate Reputation on Retailer Brand Equity: A Study of Two South African Grocery Chains
Authors: Justin Beneke; Victoria Chamberlain; Raeesah Chohan; Martin Neethling
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Keywords: Corporate Reputation; Brand Equity; Retail; Grocery; South Africa
Abstract:In the current economic climate, competition between retailers is high and customers face numerous choices. Smart retailers can learn to manage their corporate reputation and brand equity as strategic tools in the fight for customers, and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.In light of this, this study provides an in-depth explanation of the relationship between corporate reputation and customer-based retailer brand equity (CBRBE) and clarifies the effect of the dimensions of corporate reputation on CBRBEin the South African context. Specifically, this paper contributes to literature on the South African retail industry byproviding an updated account of customer perceptions. A survey of retail customers in two major cities finds a strong, positive relationship between corporate reputation and CBRBE. Additionally, the six dimensions of corporate reputation are found to have a positive relationship with the dimensions of CBRBE. The findings of this study reveal that retailers wishing to improve their CBRBE should focus on their products and services, as well as financial performance.