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Title: Effects of Market Infrastructure and Poor Access to Markets on Marketing of Grains in Selected States of Northern Nigeria, West Africa
Authors: Faajir Avanenge
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Keywords: Marketing; Infrastructure; Access; Grains
Abstract:This study investigated the effects of market infrastructure and poor access to markets on marketing of grains in selected states of northern Nigeria, West Africa. Data for this study was collected from a sample size of 300 farmers using the questionnaire. Each questionnaire response was captured by a computer software programme designed for the purpose of analysis. The product moment correlation coefficient and regression analysis were used to test hypothesis one and two respectively. It was found that, the correlation coefficient r=0.914 showed a strong positive relationship between market infrastructure and grains marketing. It was equally found that, a significant relationship existed between poor access to markets and marketing of grains as r=0.791, while r2 =0.626, implying that 62.6% of the variation in grains marketing is accounted for by poor access to markets. The study recommended that market infrastructure should be improved upon while markets in the northern states of Nigeria should be made more accessible if the objective of achieving effective and efficient marketing of grains in the northern states of Nigeria is to be contemplated.