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Title: Biological Studies on the Effect of Certain Inorganic Fertilizers with Observations on Protein Electrophoretic Pattern of Biomphalaria Alexandrina Snails
Authors: Fatma El-Deeb; Mohamed- Assem Marie; Wafaa Hasheesh; Rehab Atef; Ahmed Tantawy ; Sara Sayed
Aff: Environmental Research and Medical Malacology Department, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Giza, Egypt.
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Keywords: Biomphalaria Alexandrina; Survivorship; Fecundity; Protein Electrophoresis
Abstract:The present study deal with three inorganic fertilizers they were; (balanced, high phosphorus and high nitrogen), their (LC50) values were 505.7, 1600 and 9500 ppm, respectively after 24 hours of exposure. Survival rate of B. alexandrina snails group that exposed to sublethal concentrations of balanced fertilizer showed a gradual reduction, that increase with increasing the used concentrations. On the other hand, the application of both high phosphorus and high nitrogen fertilizers had more powerful effect on the treated snails and the declining of survivorship and egg laying capacity was inversely proportional to the concentrations. In addition, SDS–PAGE protein profiles of treated snails revealed that the minimum number of protein bands was noticed in tissue and hemolymph of snails groups that subjected to high phosphorus and high nitrogen fertilizers compared to control protein fractions. The highest similarity indices values (0.50 and 0.42) were obtained when snails exposed to ¼ LC50 and ½ LC50 doses of balanced fertilizers in tissue and hemolymph, respectively after four week.