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Title: Biosorption of Removal Heavy Metal Using Hybrid Chitosan-Pandan
Authors: Norzita Ngadi; Fatin Amirah Rzmi; Hajar Alias; Roshanida Abd Rahman ; Mazura Jusoh
Aff: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Skudai, Malaysia
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Keywords: Hybrid Chitosan Pandan; Adsorption; Heavy Metal; Chromium
Abstract:The adsorption performance on Chromium(VI) ions from aqueous solution by hybrid chitosan- pandan (ChiPandan) was investigated. The effect of contact time, temperature, pH solution and biosorbent dosage has been studied. ChiPandan gave optimal adsorption performance when operated at 0.1g of adsorbent with pH of 6 at ambient temperature for 60 minutes of contact time. Whereas, raw Pandan was found to give a better performance at 2.0g of adsorbent, pH of 5, 60C and 90 minutes of contact time. Raw Chitosan needed 1.0g of adsorbent, pH 5, 70C with 120 minutes of reaction time for a maximum Chromium(VI) ions removal performance. From these result, it can concluded that ChiPandan could be a good adsorbent for the Chromium(VI) ions removal from aqueous solution.