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Title: Effect of Environmental Hygiene Campaign on the Transmission of Cholera
Authors: Ketsuda Maneewong; Surin Sommana ; Surapol Naowarat
Aff: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Suratthani Rajabhat University, Surat Thani, 84100.Thailand
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Keywords: Environmental Hygiene;Cholera;Campaign;Stability Theory;Differential Equations;Graphical Representations
Abstract:In this study, we proposed and analyzed a mathematical model to study the dynamics transmission of cholera with effects of environmental hygiene campaign as a control strategy. The model is analyzed using stability theory of differential equations and computer simulations. The results showed that there were two equilibrium points; cholera-free equilibrium point and cholera-present equilibrium point. The qualitative behavior results depend on the cholera reproductive number We obtained the cholera reproductive number by using the next generation method. Stabilities of the model are determined by Routh-Hurwitz criteria. If 0R1., then the cholera- free equilibrium point is local asymptotically stable, but if0R1. , then the cholera - present equilibrium point is local asymptotically stable. The graphical representations are provided to qualitatively support the analytical results. It concluded that with an increase in the effects of environmental hygiene campaign , the number of infected population will be decreased